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About this Nagasaki Nightscapes sight, which introduces the nightscapes of Nagasaki City

The Nagasaki Nightscapes site introduces the nightscapes of Nagasaki City via the internet, and allows visitors to learn about nightscape viewing spots and view photographs.
Nagasaki's nightscapes are created from the individual glow of houses lined up along the mountains. Sada Masashi, the singer who hails from Nagasaki, described this light as a "jewelry box" in his song "A song for Nagasaki at Night". We hope you will enjoy viewing Nagasaki's unique nightscapes.

We hope that this site will be useful to visitors wishing to see, learn about and experience Nagasaki.

Direction and Text : Moto Marumaru(Night View Critic) / Tomo Abe(Night View Producer)
Photographs : Atsushi Maruta(Night View Photographer) / Yakei Isan Secretariat

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