Preserving our nightscapes

Rules and good manners for night viewing

Rules and good manners for night viewing Lights are beautiful. When a large number of lights are lit together, they produce a sight that draws people in. Night views are a part of our culture, and it is important to remember that they are also a resource for tourism, since not only local people, but also visitors can enjoy their beauty. In communicating information about Nagasaki's night views, we also promote rules and good manners, in order that not only local people, but also visitors, as well as those who are giving out the information, have an increased awareness of how to behave. In order to maintain our precious viewing environment

Rules and behavior for night viewing

These wonderful night views are available because of our rich natural environment.
Please obey the following rules in order to conserve our night view locations.
(1) Do not discard litter in night viewing locations. Take your litter home.
(2) Noise disturbs local residents. Please enjoy the night views quietly.
(3) Do not park in places where parking is prohibited.
(4) If watching the night views from your car, turn the engine off. Do not leave your engine running.